Painting with Light

Trial and Error.

Painting with light, you won't get the picture the first time around that you would wish to achieve. It's going to take you a couple of times to get it the way you want. For my painting with light, I decided to paint a bicycle. With the idea which I had seen on the internet, I wanted to add my unique twist to it. 

My idea was to paint the bicycle with sparklers but to have a streaked background of cars moving past with long exposure in the background. At around 17:30, the evening we headed to an open field close to where I live. I placed the bicycle not too far away from the road where the cars are. With a prolonged exposure of about 1 minute 30 seconds, aperture of 14 and ISO 100 I was able to capture a decent shot of my idea which panned out better than I have expected.

When doing painting with light, you can use this technique with most genres of photography. When you run out of ideas for a composition or you are struggling to light up your object/subject, you can use painting with light. 

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