Product Photography Day 1

While watching a couple of videos about product photography, we decided to put it into practice. The reason for this is that you remember more because 'practice makes perfect'. The more you practice, the more you'll get used to it and the easier it will become for you to do it by yourself.

When capturing product photography, you have to ensure your lighting set up is 100% and that you are happy with the lighting set up, so you can start the process of taking the picture. The lighting set up will also depend on what you are photographing. For this photo, we decided to capture a Savannah 500ml bottle. There was a gold card reflector placed at the back of the bottle to enhance the colour of the liquid in the bottle. Three lights were used - a light with a snoot that lights the background, a light to illuminate the label from the front, and one light on the side with two polystyrene boards to light up the remaining side of the bottle.

There were multiple shifting of the light to get the overall colour and the correct lighting of the whole bottle. We had one or two hotspots but at the end of this all, after 3 hours in the studio playing around with angles of light; we eliminated those hotspots. We finally got the final look and feel of the savannah, we were satisfied. We captured this all for the first time in the studio as a class, It was fun but also challenging, but it turned out successful.

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